Ancestor and Other Family Photos
After leaving their home in Lyster, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Hans Larson and Britha Endredotter Bolstad Larson landed in Quebec, Canada in June 1868 aboard the Claus Heftey. They made their way to Dane County, Wisconsin and a few years later homesteaded in Vernon County, Wisconsin.

The Hans Larson Family
The Larsons
Jim's Ancestry
Jim's Anc. Photos
Ruzicka / Rose and Knippel  Family
George Guist husband of Lorena Wells Guist and father of  Elizabeth Elnora Guist Hall who married John F. Hall. After Lorena's death George married Amanda Cayden. They had several children of their own.
Elma Elnora (Larson) daughter of Lewis H. Larson and Flora Ellen Hall.
Melvin Jonathon Larson, son of  Lewis and Flora, father of Dianne.
Dianne's Anc.  Photos
Elizabeth Elnora Guist
wife of John F. Hall
The Wells - Guist - Hall Family
of Ohio and Vernon County, Wisconsin
Mary Knippel and George Frank Rose  (born Josef Ruzicka)
July 12, 1902 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Wedding of Eleanore May Rose and Joseph Pielmeier                     Milwaukee, Wisconsin   June 14, 1924
Pielmeier Sisters Doris, Lois, and Alice Daughters of Joseph and Ella
The Rose Sisters
Beatrice,  Ella, and Virginia c.1953
  The "Rose Bird"  symbol used in letters    between the Rose sisters. Designed by Ella.
Albert and Virgina (Rose) Stahmann soon after  wedding
abt. 1960
George Frank ( Ruzicka ) Rose with granddaughters Melodye and Dianne Larson. c. 1955
Sisters (L to R) Melodye Larson
and Dianne Larson Ward 1988
Virginia Ruth (Rose) Wells Moerman Larson Stahmann
    at wedding of son Tom Moerman & Kathleen Knie 
                  May 27, 1961 Milwaukee, WI.
Virginia Ruth (Rose) Larson with daughters
Melodye (baby) and Dianne Larson c. 1953
Sister's Beatrice and Eleanore Rose
      about 1912 Milwaukee, WI
Mary / Mayme/ May (Knippel) Rose
  June 14, 1924
at wedding of daughter Eleanore.
John F. Hall Husband of
Elizabeth Elnora Guist Hall
Lewis and Flora Ellen (Hall) Larson with Marie and Ray..
My hunky half-brother the cop...(now retired) Tom, Kathy and  kids on one of their trips to FL to see mom.

They're the "normal" side of the family. I've only met Tom three times in my life which is one of my deepest regrets. (Did he even breathe between these two photos?)

For a long time I have wanted to put together a family "book"...a tribute...honoring my mother's lines... genealogy, stories, photos, etc. So that the people who came before us wouldn't be forgotten.

I was raised far from my mother's family and the project plans really made me feel like I was a part of the family. A couple of cousins when hadn't seen me since I was 11 years old didn't understand and read an evil motive into it....they accused me of some pretty nasty things. It really hurt...because they don't know me and didn't give me the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe someday I'll still do it.
Our grandparents (Lewis and Flora Larson) with the three cousins whom I deeply regret never meeting.
I have an 8x10 digital copy of this photo in a very large file I would be very glad to share with any of their children.
I wish I knew where several of these were taken. The pillars have the Bill of Rights on them.
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Gib's daughters Gerry and Virginia with their uncle, Gib's brother, Elden V. Larson
Gib's daughters Virginia and Gerry with Gib's sister Elma Elnora Larson and their parents. (lousy photo of Elma)