Cadette Girl Scout Troop 651 of Hoquiam, Washington
invites you to join them in their service project:

After you have sent or delivered your SMILES please e-mail us your troop number, age level  and location or the name of the group you represent  and your name will be added to the Honor Roll. Individual girls or boys are welcome to participate.

"Smiles Honor Roll"!
To visit  the Honor Roll please click  above.

WE WELCOME NON-SCOUTS!  Please share this project with teachers, Sunday schools,  librarians, and anyone else who might be interested!

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Here is our  Patriotic Smiles design!

These are for you to send  to our brave military personnel all over the world. Thank you, "Venus" for very generously allowing me to adapt your beautiful machine embroidery design!

Click this crayon for Patriotic Smiles!
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To correspond with Troop 651 and Troop Leader Juli send e-mail to:
dianne710 (insert @ here)

General Information:

Our special patriotic "Smiles" coloring page for distribution to our American heros and heroines serving both over seas and within the United States is a tremendous hit!

Your Smiles have been very well received and you have brightened the days of many people in just the three years this project has been in existance. 

Ideas for  distributing your Smiles  are your local hospitals, convalescent centers, Senior Centers,  etc.  Patriotic Smiles can be distributed  in many ways too. Most of us have a troop family, neighbor or friend with a loved one overseas. Smiles could be sent to them for distribution in their unit. Many areas have organizations (VFW or whatever you have in your area)  who might be willing to ship them to an appropriate place. Check with your local military bases throught their public relations people.  In many  places around the country there are organizations or individuals who  are running programs to send  friendship boxes to  military units. Talk to your friends, troop families and neighbors for more ideas!


We are all Sisters in Girl Scouting and certainly have many things in common, including our participation in the SMILES Project. I am starting a

Smiles Friendship Photos Page

which will be linked to this page. Each troop participating in the SMILES Project is invited to send me a troop photo so we  all can enjoy your real smiles.

If you can scan a photo that's great. Please send a jpeg of dimensions between 4"x5" to 5"x7" and of no more than 50-200 kb. If you really don't know how to make smaller files  please let me know and we'll see what we can figure out for you.  I also will gladly scan and return any hard copy photos if a troop can't send them  by e-mail. You must send a self addressed stamped envelope if you send a photo by snail mail and want it returned. E-mail me at the link below for my snail mail address.

If your troop has a website we'd be delighted to link your name on the Honor Roll to your site. Just  let me know!

Thank you so much for your wonderful messages about our site and the Smiles Project!

When contacting me, please put "Girl Scout Smiles"
in the subject line. I'd hate to have you get lost in my spam!

Troop Grandma and Web Mistress, Dianne Ward
Cadette Girl Scout Troop 651  began this service project during the first months of their existance seven years ago. Thousands of SMILES were distributed by them thanks to Girl Scout Troops and other groups over the last three years.  

Because of the fact that  the troop proudly bridged to Junior Girl Scouts in May 2004 then Cadettes in 2006 and are embarking on a whole new program the SMILES project has been adapted to keep it running but cut down on the time it took to prepare monthly artwork, edit the site, etc.

The SMILES you see here will be permanently available. We've tried to select the favorites of the past seven years.

Troop  651 will be maintaining the webpage and adding more designs in  the future but will NO LONGER BE DISTRIBUTING  SMILES other than their own. Please continue to use them and distribute them anywhere you see a need. See more information below in "General Information".
Click this crayon for Santa Smiles!
Click this crayon for Bouquet Smiles!
Click this crayon for Thanksgiving Smiles!
Click this crayon for Pumpkin Smiles!
Click this crayon for Christmas Angel Smiles!
(she can also be a fairy if you download and edit the text!) Hint: She's a lot cuter than this sample shows!
Click this crayon for Valentine Smiles!
While Girl Scouts can not officially support  the program below without permission from GSUSA, I as site owner am sharing this very (IMHO) worthwhile project with you.
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