Junior Troop 651
Hoquiam, Washington
2002 Art & PhotoShow
We are the  members of Junior Girl Scout Troop 651 in Hoquiam, Washington. We are a very lively group of girls who will be in  in third through fifth grades next school year. With our leader Juli, assistant leader Lisa  and our mascot  Ruby, our meetings are filled with fun and we have a lot to tell you.

Get to know  each of us by clicking on our bios in autumn 2005. We're updating everything. So much has happened since we wrote the first ones!

Learn more about our troop history, achievements,  adventures, and plans  by clicking on the buttons in the upper left of this page. MUCH more to come!

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As of July 10th 2005 Our Brownies are now also Junior Girl Scouts! YEA!!!!!!!!
Della's 80th Birthday,
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