Christmas 2003 at Grammy and Grampy's House
(For Dave, Elisa and anyone else who is interested!
Dave, I'm just slapping these up quickly. The good shots are from  your dad's Nikon 990 and the bad ones are from my NEW Nikon (I didn't have time to find the mode that would have worked!)  He opened his new camera last. (I planned that too..if he'd found it sooner he'd have "checked out" of the rest of the festivities.)

There are a lot more but this shows the basics.

As the evil grandmother from hell,  I pulled a fast one on Bri.  I bought all three of the kids Game Boys and several  games for each . I made sure Skyler's and Katie's were way in the front of the tree along with all of Bri's GB games. She had to wait nearly three hours before we got to the far rear of the tree where I had stashed hers.  She tried so hard to look "cool" about it but you could see her checking the size and weight of all the boxes she could find.  It was wedged behind a big box for Juli right against the wall and next to the village table.

As you will see from the photos,  once they opened the GBs we lost them for everything else.   They were glued to the darned things.  With them being as used to computers as they all are I didn' think the GBs would be such a big deal....I was very wrong! Skyler even left the new Thomas the Tank Engine stuff in the boxes to go back to play with his GB!  He lives, sleeps, eats and breathes Thomas the Tank Engine!

Next year I may number all the boxes instead of putting nametags on them. Juli still gets steamed when she remembers the year I pulled that on the two of you.

At the bottom you'll find a very funny photo Della and I had taken to comemorate  a really good day we spent last autumn...a very rare painfree day for her.  We are a very dangerous pair...did some detective work ref one of the blowhards who tried to stop the high school project and decided to name our detective agency "The Double D's".  The same day I nearly fell into a deep ditch snagging cat tails for her...and she turned me into a real woman of low virtue...we went to the casino in Ocean Shores and had a blast...good thing  I'm broke all the time, my car is dying and I hate the drive to OS...I could get hooked on those darn slot machines. LOL

Tree and  Viroqua, WI village 2003 snowflake fabric sky above.
Annual hug photo Bri, Skyler, Katie 2003
He saw his name on a tag waaaay under the tree.
He put the shirt to a  Scooby Doo sweat set on his head. He was wired!
Life as we know it would have come to an end if they hadn't received the Furr Real pets...Katie wanted the cat and Bri the kitten. Amazing toys. Buy stock in Duracell.
I should have bought Ron one too!
Katie found hers soon after Skyler.
Bri is still a book junkie (Katie is too now) and both girls adore Lizzie Maguire. (Hilary Duff)
What can be better? A BRATZ game for GameBoy! They both got Bratz dolls from their other grandparents.
He discovered there was a different game in Katie's GB.
Juli and digital camera.
Katie opens her Barbie art set. She is an excellent artist, Dave. You'd be proud of her!  She's bloomed in so many ways this more "little sister of the fabulous Bri" hangups.
ummmm....Skyler, there are about a dozen other packages for you.....
Hey, Sky-Guy...get over here...
"Cool! Where's my Game Boy?"
Concentration....It was a Lizzie Maguire game.
Juli has some fabulous ammunition now for bribery...
The Double D Detective Agency - late August 2003 in our Mariner's tees and Bobcat hats! She made me do it...honest. Well, she made me put the hat on backwards. We cracked up the people in Walmart's MickeyD's.
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