Things We've Done For Thinking Days

French Hopscotch "Escargot" (Snail)

Two or more players can play.

Chalk - to make the hopscotch. (No stone or other marker is used for this version of the hopscotch game.)

How to Play

  1. Decide which is your hopping foot and who goes first. Whichever foot you choose is the foot you will hop on both to go to the center and to go back out.
2. Hop through the snail to the center. Start with square 1.
3. Hop only once in each square. Do not hop on any lines or you will lose your turn. You may rest when you reach the center.
4. Turn and hop back to the beginning. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for a second time.
5. If you have hopped in and out successfully you may choose a square as your "house". Put your initials in the square. You can use this space to rest and other players must skip over the square.
6. The game is over when it becomes impossible for anyone to hop to the center. The player with the most squares at the end is the winner.

SOURCE: Lankford, Mary D. "Hopscotch Around the World" Morrow Junior Books, New York 1992 p. 16

We had a 10 foot square of  thick paper with the snail design painted on it taped to the floor. The girls really enjoyed  trying this game. Many  came back again and again.