The girls guard a napping Jim after
the 2007 Christmas excitement
Both  Jodi and Zink adore Maggie.

"Maybe if I close my eyes she'll think I'm asleep..."
Another squirrel toy bites the dust. We're now on #4. You should see the stuffed puppy I gave them when they first got here. Update 12-08 They are now on Squirrel #7.
Maggie still knows what to do to get a treat... (actually all she has to do is keep breathing...)
Jodi levitates for treats...Zink knows if she sits and behaves she'll get one anyway.
and here's one the other beautiful, charming, fun  and smart Jodi (the one with 2 legs) forgot to send me.....taken when the girls were about 5 weeks old...all together now
In January of 2008 the girls are now 10 months ols. Zink weighs 2 ounces under 15 pounds and Jodi weighs 2 ounces over 10 pounds. Their height remains about the same at around 14 and 15 inches...(they keep moving,,,)
12-14-08 Somethings never change....even in the snow!
12-14-08 They love the snow and go outside to race around and play every chance they get.

Even Maggie got into it late at night this year...much to my amazement. ..she went out in the front yard and seemed to suddenly remember all the fun she had playing in the snow when she was young. She bent down, stuck her face all the way into the snow and "snorfeled" it tossing it all around. I wish I'd had my made me very happy to see her enjoying it once again.

Here you see Jodi and Zink having a great time when the snow was coming down heavily.
Zink in her favorite place!! 12-19-08
and Jodi in HER favorite place!!
Jim and the Girls...12-20-08

Jodi offering to help Katie
by taking the paper BALL.
"Socks? She got SOCKS?
I like socks too!"
Maggie wanted to be in on the action too.

(She probably smelled the doggie treats Santa brought)
Wooohoooo! It's a real ball!
Zink strikes a pose. 12-24-08
The girls, the girls, and puppy kisses.
Jodi and Zink turned  2 years old
April 22nd 2009 and we celebrated!
Zink now weighs 17 pounds and
Jodi has filled out to weigh 12 lbs 4 oz.
She's small but mighty...
the "Boss of Us All".
Lots of new toys
MY birthday treats! ALL MINE!!
Finally a decent spring day...

Playing outside after their birthday party
Zink doing one of her famous leaps... she can flip upside down, sideways and backwards...sometimes all at one...she's amazing!
Jodi the Wonder Dog!
but not to be outdone...
We celebrated Maggies birthday at the same time. She turned 16. We had been saying she was a year older than she actually was for several years! Poor old girl!!!

She can't really play but she was thrilled to get a big bag of "Better Than Pigs Ears" for her birthday.
Birthday Cakes for Everyone! (Hamburger in a cake shape frosted with Cheez Whiz and Decorated with Bacon Cheddar squirt cheese!
They ate about 1/3 and the rest was frozen for two more meals over the next few weeks. They loved it each time! (I removed Jodi's tee to keep it from getting "cheesy")
Her tee shirt says:

"It's All About Me! me, me, Used to It"

She (much to my amazement) LOVED wearing you'll see in later photos.

I haven't found quite the right one for Zink...but I know I will. She tried Jodi's on (too tight!) and she didn't mind it at all.

Maggie 1993-2009

Magdalena Engelhardt April 1993 - July 26, 2009 We miss you already, Maggie.